Cast bronze branches tied with metal rope,
draped with webs of serpentine, rock crystal,
peridot, citrine, carnelian, calcite, and jasper.
48" diameter x 55"h

In 2004, sculptor Carl Dern and designer Karen Brown began to investigate relationships among natural forms and how those forms may be applied to what had been traditionally known as a chandelier.

Carl’s background in sculpture and table design combined well with Karen’s aesthetic acumen and her experience with product and visual design. Their process is one that discovers how natural forms can be used in a sculptural context to address traditional lighting. Their work makes use of cast bronze branches, sticks, and twigs with aged wood patinas, semi-precious stones, and freshwater pearls.

Karen was interested in using some of the more stylized plant forms that Carl had developed for his Louis Dore cast bronze tables. For Cobweb, Carl welded three bronze branches together in a radial form, then patinated them to bring them back to the feeling of old weathered branches. Karen wove semi-precious stones to create the look found in the dark rooms of an old manor once forgotten, and now rediscovered.